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The ToolKIT, which is accessible from all pages of the site, outlines the three main analytical skills that aims to develop. It also links to a short introduction to the study of tonality as well as a reminder of some basics (note and interval labels, clefs and transpositions).

Understanding Voice-leading
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The various resolutions of tension and successions of intervals discussed on the following pages concern specific progressions in particular situations. Those outlined here, on the other hand, are of a more general nature. This page lists some general voice-leading characteristics of a Bach chorale, the sort of considerations that you should keep in the back of your mind when looking at music. In this way, you can begin to build up a picture of the general patterns underlying different styles.

Some general voice-leading characteristics can be inferred from this short extract:

  • all the notes of the triad are present in each chord
  • the voices avoid moving all in the same direction (even in bar 1 beats 3-4, the alto voice stays on the same note while the other voices descend)
  • leaps larger than a fourth in the upper three voices are rare
  • the direction of motion within each voice is varied (e.g. the downwards motion from bar 1 beat two is balanced by upward motion in the next bar)
  • it is generally the root that is doubled
  • the chords at the cadence are in root position
Note that the convention is to name the voices in chords as if the music was for choir:
top voicesoprano
second from topalto
second from bottomtenor
bottom voicebass

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